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Ancient Method for Elemental Purification: The Source of Ultimate Health

When we look at what determines health and wellbeing, we may think in terms of our diet or weight, the amount of exercise we engage in, or the results of our medical tests. We may control our diet, exercise, or take medications to manage our health but health can also be addressed more fundamentally. Sadhguru, a realized yogi and one of …

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Health Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet and Putting It into Practice

Most Americans battle with health issues every day, from unwanted weight gain and fatigue to high cholesterol and diabetes. So many of these problems can be attributed to poor diets full of unnecessary meat, poultry, fish and seafood. Contrary to popular belief, a meal is not incomplete if it doesn’t contain some kind of animal product. In fact, vegetarian meals …

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The Marriage of Science and Spirituality

The Marriage of Science and Spirituality If you were given 3 Boons, what would you ask for? Health? Happiness? Brilliant Mind? Relief from stress and anxiety? Financial success? Professional recognition? Even if there were no boon, these desires are universal, and people for millennia have been seeking different routes to achieve these. The world is currently at cross-roads in deciding …

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Stree Free

Be Naturally Stress Free for Your Big Day

By Saira Gillani, ND Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event where you want everything to be perfect. The stress from planning your wedding could make this the hardest thing you have ever done!  Don’t fret, these tips will help keep you stress-free before and during your wedding naturally. As you plan for your big day: MEDITATE Stressful …

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Fit for Flight Frequent Flyer Miles in Health

Author by Nisha Jani By Nisha Jani Vacation fudge? Yes please! Vacation pudge? No thanks. Although desserts, grand dinners, and rounds of sugary drinks sound enticing, no vacation-goer wants to realize on their return flight home that they have an extra passenger on board – the infamous “food baby” (also known as, the vacation gut). Upkeeping physical health is just …

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Healthy Foods

Adopt these scientifically proven ways to live longer life

It is a true saying that every action has its reaction. Likewise whatever choices we make in life have a huge impact on our life. Certain habits make our life heaven and certain make them even worse than a hell. Many types of research done all over the world have found that bad habits such as smoking, excessive drinking, not …

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G-EYE: A new ray hope for the cancer patients

Every year India is flooded with the reports that bring out the information about the threatening diseases that are spreading in the air of the nation. The recent finding states that the Colorectal cancer is the next major health concern population of India has to face. But, now this disease can be cured with the early detection of it. The …

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A message a day can now keep the Diabetes away

A new study has found that a daily ping on your mobile phone about health and the methods of living a healthy lifestyle have the potential to reduce the chance of developing diabetes. This research has surely surprised many but it quotes the success of the developing countries in doing this. The paper published in Journal of Medical and Internet …

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Luxurious Ayurveda

Luxurious Ayurveda Ayurveda originated in India over 6000 years ago as a holistic means of treating and preventing ailments. Using a wellrounded and interactive approach, Ayurvedic treatments can enhance well-being and nourish and rejuvenate every aspect of a person’s well-being, whether it is physical, mental, and/ or spiritual. Based on one’s Dosha (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) to ensure effective treatment, ayurvedic …

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Hydrated, Happy, and Healthy

Hydrated, Happy, and Healthy

Author by Nisha Jani I have no idea where March went, nor April. With May coming to an end, we need to keep our focus on the upcoming season. I’m not just talking about wedding season, but summer! One of the best things to keep handy this hot weather wedding season is water. We have heard it multiple times from …

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