Passion For Relationships & Compassion for Self


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With a doctorate i Clinical Psychology,Dr.Kondoor V.Abraham is currently on the graduate faculty of St. Thomas University,Miami, Florida, U.S.A His radio program called ‘Lifechangers’ Is heard i many parts of the world, giving solution to the problems of daily living.He is also the author of Lifechangers, A Collection of 52 Inspirational Radio Talks and The Asian Indian in the United States,A Handbook for Counselors and Educator.     “Among the many things that I observed from over two decades of psychologycal counseling,two are: (1) our need for relationships and (2) the need for us to compassionate teword ourselves.Most of our problems are relationship-based and what brothers us most is what people think of us. It is not what we think of our poverty,but what people think of our poor  Condition. It is not what we think of our failurem, but what people think of our illness, It is not what we think of our failure, but what people think of our failure. As a matter of fact,we devlop emotional distress by contemplating what people thisk of us. That is my first observation. The Second one is that sometimes we are too hard on ourselves.We have difficulty forgiving ourselves,and we cannot accept our imperfections,Very often we push purselves to the limits with our habits,our passions,and our desire to do better than others. In essence, we are not kind to ourselves.Sometimes,we even punish ourselves.Our need for improved relationships and our need for compassion toward self are two major themes in this book.”


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