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  • Bollywood News

    Bollywood News

    Bipasha-Karan “Monkeymoon” in Maldives A source reported that Karan called her a “goddess”when she wore flowy white beachwear. She also posted a sweltering picture of herself in a vividly colored bikini that she captioned, “Finally using hat.” Not long ago, Bips had shared an Insta …

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  • Telly News

    Telly News

    Shaktimaan Back on Screens Shaktimaan is no stranger to any kid who grew up in the late 90s. His red velvet pants and chakra jacket had become a symbol of heroism. The superhero would be reprise on the telly world after being away for nearly …

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  • Hydrated, Happy, and Healthy

    Hydrated, Happy, and Healthy

    Author by Nisha Jani I have no idea where March went, nor April. With May coming to an end, we need to keep our focus on the upcoming season. I’m not just talking about wedding season, but summer! One of the best things to keep …

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  • Ritisha weds Abhishek

    Ritisha weds Abhishek

    January of 2014 brought together the lives of Orlando-based 26-year-old Ritisha Chhaganlal and Australia-based 23-year-old Abhishek Khatri. Love bloomed for the duo at a social gathering when Abhishek was in Orlando on a medical rotation. Abhishek took things to the next level by executing a …

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  • Amanda weds Rajesh

    Amanda weds Rajesh

    They say that the heart recognizes its soul mate, but the mind may take time to process. While at first glance of Amanda on his 30th birthday, Rajesh immediately recognized his destiny, it took Amanda, then 28, a year to recognize the same for Rajesh. …

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  • Bipasha weds Karan

    Bipasha weds Karan

    Who doesn’t dream of a fairytale wedding? However, to turn that dream into a reality is something with which Bipasha Basu has proved her mastery. Her wedding to Karan Grover on April 30, 2016 is truly the realization of the fantasy. Here are some of …

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