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2018 Amit Talati Award

 Amit Talati

The Amit Talati Award is presented to a Yuvak student who has achieved the highest standards throughout their time as a student of Bala Vihar. It is a special recognition for an unwavering commitment to learning the principles of Sanatan Dharma, demonstrating consistent insight, initiative and integrity, and exhibiting the leadership skills necessary to lead a purposeful life in service of humanity.

The recipient of this award is one who has been an outstanding student for many years, exemplifies the values of Sanatan Dharma and is a true seeker exhibiting all the qualities meant by this award. This year the entire Yuvak Class is to be commemorated for their unwavering commitment. While difficult to narrow the selection, this year we recognize two special individuals. It is with great honor that we recognize Parth Shah as well as Aarohi Talati, who follows in her father’s footsteps as a seeker.

Please help me in congratulating Parth Shah and AarohiTalati on this great honor.

These individuals have truly embraced the essence of our Vedic knowledge.

2018 Amit Talati

Aarohi Talati Aarohi has been a part of our program for the past ten years, having attended balvihar since she was four. She shares: “When I was younger, I used to dread having to wake up early on the weekend to go to the temple – everyone who knows me knows how much I value my sleep. However, over the years, bala vihar has become a significant part of my life. I have genuinely enjoyed almost every class, especially the last two years with Chirag Uncle and Dr. Shaykhar. My favorite classes throughout all my years of balvihar were when we related religion, spirituality, and philosophy to science in the Junior Yuvaks class. I have always been a relatively spiritual person on the inside – due to how I was raised, and with whom. My father was well known in this community, and I strive to be more like him every day. Before, I used to feel out of place, not believing in the same things as the majority of my classmates in school. However, now, I am proud to say that I am Hindu. I am confident in showcasing our beautiful religion, faith, and culture. I know that I have a long way to go, and this is just the beginning.”

We would like to congratulate Aarohi Talati, daughter of Amit and Rupal Talati, on her Bala Vihar graduation.

Parth Shah Parth Shah has been part of the education program since Yashoda Bala. He shares: “I have had the opportunity to attend Bala Vihar since the first class, Yashoda Bala, and it has been a beautiful 13 years of spiritual growth. Bala Vihar has laid the foundation for who I am as a person. It has transformed me into the person I am and has given me the ability to stay level-headed in the most stressful of times. Bala Vihar has inspired me to continuously rethink myself and every aspect of my life in the pursuit of improving it and making my lifestyle healthier.Each of the classes has had a tremendous impact on me as a person. They have changed my thought at each level and gradually gone deeper into depth. The classes have shown me the truth behind each of the teachings and have shown me the ways to implement them. The sevaks have bestowed me with this knowledge in a way I can understand and apply to myself. It has taught me to stand for my principles and beliefs in all situations. Each of my classes have their own unique memories. In each of the classes, I have learned something new and enjoyed my time. One of my favorite memories from Bala Vihar is from Jr. Yuvaks, during one of the debates where my classmates and I conversed about the topic at hand to create a learning experience that I will always cherish.

We would like to congratulate Parth, Son of Tirath and Manisha Shah, on his Bala Vihar graduation.


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