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2018 Indiafest: Divine South India Presented by Manav Mandir

2018 Indiafest:
Divine South India
Presented by Manav Mandir

Indiafest is a fun family festival that brings focus and share the Indian culture in Brevard County. This eagerly anticipated annual cultural event will be held on Saturday, March 10th (10am-6pm) and Sunday, March 11th (11am-5pm) at Wickham Park in Melbourne, Florida.

Indiafest is a celebration of India’s rich culture and traditions. Started 20 years ago, with a curious and humble effort of an ethnic community, today Indiafest is a symbol of cultural enrichment in Brevard County and is celebrated with great enthusiasm. The general consensus is that it is a very well run festival with a fresh and new look year after year. This uniqueness comes from the fact that a different theme is presented each year showing the unique aspects of India’s culture, history and traditions. This year the theme is Divine South India. The Discover India booth will feature this theme by providing information and displays of various cultural nuances, significant places of interest, beauty and history of Northern India’s landscape.

An admirable factor of this festival is its commitment to community service with a purpose of cultural enlightenment. Indiafest is a volunteer run, non-profit, cultural organization, known for its charitable efforts to several local charities, including the parent organization, Manav Mandir, and aid in disaster recovery, nationally and internationally To date, over $960,000 have been awarded to various charitable causes. This is evidenced in our effort to help several deserving local charities and assist in disaster reliefs. Beneficiaries include: Haiti earthquake, various Florida hurricane relief, Early Intervention, Daily Bread, Serene Harbor, Crosswinds, Cancer Care Center, and Sentinels of Freedom – Veterans Re-Training Program. In 2011 we established an Endowment Scholarship at FIT for a Brevard student. In 2014 our project was ‘The Children’s Hunger Project’ and in 2015 we were able to purchase a much needed wheelchair accessible van for the residents of ‘Promise in Brevard’ while in 2016 ‘Candlelighters of Brevard’ was the recipient of our support. Please visit our website at for a more detailed list of our charitable efforts. This year two deserving charities have been selected – ‘Habitat for Humanity’ and ‘Shriners of Brevard – both organizations are outstanding examples that provide much needed help and service to our Brevard community. Please visit the website for a more detailed list of charities supported.

Indiafest has something of interest for everyone, from hands on activities for the youths, to shopping for the adults, mouth-watering Indian cuisine, yoga demonstrations, and all day entertainment for everyone to enjoy. The Discover India booth will feature the theme, Divine South India. The stage will come alive with performances by our local artistes dancing to traditional folk, classical, and modern Indian music while the fashion show will be the highlight of the day. The grounds will be buzzing with vendors selling jewelry, rich colorful ethnic garments, arts and crafts, music and videos. One can indulge in the temporary body art of exotic Henna designs while the aroma of the tantalizing flavors of food being prepared, entice the taste buds.

Today, as technology make the world smaller and more accessible, assimilation of the different cultures is very real and the need to appreciate each other is ever more apparent. At Indiafest you will take back with you, a part of India’s rich cultural heritage – be it arts and crafts, food, jewelry, music, dance, or clothes. You will be transcended, through miles and time, as you get a close up view of the traditional and vibrant aspects of this culture. So, come out on Saturday – March 10th and Sunday – March 11th to Indiafest at Wickham Park ( (2500 Parkway Dr., Melbourne, FL 32935). Tickets are $5 adults, $2 children under 12, and children under 5 are free.

For more information, contact Yasmin Majeed at (321) 720-8590 or or visit


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