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  • A R Rahman - The King of Music

    A R Rahman – The King of Music

    AR Rehman strode as a colossus in the world of film music after his debut in Roja. Rehman, a man with grim look, shyness and long hair, is now considered to be the definition of music. From a keyboardist to the most respected name in …

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  • November 2005

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  • Immigration 3 300x162


    Common Questions About the Validity of Student Visas A student Visa (F or M Visa) is granted to students wanting to study in the United States and is valid generally for the period of study (including grace period). Almost all Visas will stipulate that you …

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    The HAF complaint alleges that the SBE violated the law when it approved textbooks for sixth grade history-social science that tend to demean, stereotype, and reflect adversely upon Hindus; that portray Hinduism as undesirable; that hold Hindu beliefs and practices up to ridicule or as …

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  • Successful Women from the Indian Subcontinent

    Successful Women from the Indian Subcontinent

    Common Questions About the Validity of Student Visas Anoushka has shared the stage with many of the world’s top celebrities, including Sting, Madonna, Nina Simone, Anjelique Kidjo, Herbie Hancock, Elton John, Peter Gabriel and James Taylor, and had the fortune to perform in front of …

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  • Education

    Thoughts on Education

    Purpose of education is to make harmonious existence possible. A good position, a good income all these are means to achieve this one end. Position and income gives you the power to do what you want. To want the right things is the key to …

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  • Bush's Passage to India

    Bush’s Passage to India

    Here is a historic deal that has sealed India’s status as an upcoming nuclear power and has erased the decade old US policy with regard to this energy-starved nation, ushering India into the world’s exclusive nuclear club. The nuclear deal will give foreign businessmen the …

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  • October 2005

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  • Yoga Getting Popular Among Indians

    Yoga Getting Popular Among Indians

    A slogan on a T-shirt in the West goes: “Whatever the question, the answer is� more yoga.” Yoga is not merely limited to a fashion statement; it is a practice that has taken the world by storm, India being no exception. Ranging from a cryptic …

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  • Kalpana

    Successful Women From Indian Subcontinent

    When the first Americanmusic videos and popularTV shows began appearing in Indian homes in the early 1990s thanks to satellite and cable, many predicted Indian society would never be the same. For the first time, young Indian women saw a regular dose of sexy, scantily …

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