Dr. Indranill Basu Ray

Dr. Indranill Basu Ray

About the Author

Dr. Indranill Basu Ray is a renowned Cardiac Electrophysiologist, philosopher, humanist, and professor of Cardiology and Public health based in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Dr. Basu Ray is the Founder and Chairman of the American Academy for Yoga in Medicine. He has pioneered yoga as a preventive and therapeutic entity for combating the increasing suffering and deaths due to heart diseases. He has been writing columns for esteemed publications such as the Huffington Post (USA) and a plethora of English newspapers in India, including the Times of India, which has a readership twice that of the combined first three highest readership newspapers in the US. His articles cover topics ranging from education, health policy, newer medical discoveries, and yoga, including spirituality and meditation


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The Indian American Dream: From Humble Beginnings to Unparalleled Success By Indranill Basu Ray

In the late 19th century, the first wave of Indian immigrants to the United States arrived, drawn by the promise of a better life. They set out with nothing more than a suitcase and a dream, but they made history in the process. Indian immigrants have come to the United States in waves over the years, each time bringing with …