Nila Bala

Nila Bala

About the Author:
Nila Bala is an assistant public defender in Baltimore City and a practicing Hindu. Her faith informs why she does her work, and is at the core of why she works for social justice and the needs of indigent people in her community. She attended college at Stanford University, taught as a preschool teacher, and attended law school at Yale University. She also co-leads Hindu discussion groups in Baltimore through Chinmaya Mission.


Faith is a Cradle of Trees

Author by Nila Bala   When I was in high school, I tried to discover God and ethics through science looking into physics, biochemistry, and neurology. If there was a moral center to ourselves, I wondered, where was it located? But then, I fell off a cliff and stopped wondering as much. I was at an overlook in Peru, and I …

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God and ethics

biochemistry and neurology