Shawn Binda

Shawn Binda

Shawn Binda

Since he was a young child, Shawn Binda has been active in the Hindu Community with a mission to serve and educate all those around me. Binda was a key member of the organizing committee for the first ever Hindu Youth Conference held in 2000 at the University of Toronto and also part of the organizing committee for the Hindu Youth Conference 2007.

Binda currently hosts a YouTube Channel called “HINDU Lifestyle” where he reaches out to youth growing up in North America, shows how to make Hinduism relevant in our daily lives, and also pushes back on the false stereotypes of Hinduism that are prevalent in mainstream media as well as in school systems. Binda also teaches a weekly Hinduism class at his local Mandir to teenagers and and conduct workshops with Hindu Youth. Find him on YouTube at, Twitter @shawnbinda, or on Instagram @shawnbinda.


Maintaining Hindu Culture in Our Youth

There is a problem that the Hindu Community in North America is facing: engaging the generations of Hindus that have been born and raised in Canada and the United States.  In North America, he predominant culture is not “Indian” nor is it Hindu, and the attentions of today’s youths are being pulled in many different directions. In many ways, Hinduism …

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