Bhavini Patel

Bhavini Patel loses to Summer Lee in PA 12th district

Bhavini Patel

Bhavini Patel, an Indian American, faced defeat in her attempt to unseat progressive Democrat Rep. Summer Lee in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District. Lee secured nearly 61 percent of the votes, confirming the strength of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party in Western Pennsylvania.

During the campaign, Patel criticized Lee’s stance on a ceasefire in Gaza and accused her of neglecting the district’s Jewish community. Patel labeled Lee as an extremist, advocating for unity within the Democratic Party and support for President Joe Biden’s policies.

In response to her victory, Lee emphasized the rejection of right-wing interests and Republican billionaires targeting Black and brown Democrats. Despite being a target for pro-Israel groups, Lee’s strong support within the district contributed to her comfortable victory over Patel.

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