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    Ask the Accountant

    Author by Umang Thakkar What should I do now to make filing my taxes in April easier? Taxes for 2015 are due on or before April 18, 2016 (due to Emancipation day holiday in Washington D.C. being observed on April 15. While you have more …

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    Funding Your Family’s Future jan 2016

    Author by Rina Shah The Arpan Group Funding Your Family’s Future: A Guide to Choosing the Right Financial Planner Financial advisors aren’t just for millionaires. Individuals of all ages and circumstances can benefit from the guidance a financial advisor offers. Recent college graduates have different …

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    2015 Year End Tax Updates and Tips

    Author by Umang Thakkar   Tax time is here! What changed, and how will it impact your tax return? Don’t you feel Income Taxes are the hardest subject in the world to understand? That is exactly what Albert Einstein said way back when: “The hardest …

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