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  • Employment-based Immigration

    Reference letter Q & A for Employment-based Immigration

    I’m an engineer from India currently working in the United States on an H-1B visa. I am in the process of applying for an EB-1A green card and have a few questions regarding reference letters from my current employer. 1)      Is it necessary …

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  • plea-bargain-Immigration

    To Plea or not to Plea. Immigration Consequences of Plea Bargains in Criminal Cases

    Before I practiced immigration law, I was a criminal defense attorney. My practice represented retained defense clients, and I served as a de facto public defender in Gwinnett County, Georgia. At the time, two of Georgia’s largest counties, Cobb and Gwinnett (both in Metro Atlanta), did not …

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  • Make USPS Great Again

    Making the USPS Great Again. Could an experienced foreign postal worker get an EB-2 NIW?

    By Immigration Attorney Seth Finberg Most immigration attorneys would likely immediately discount the possibility of such a case. However, top attorneys thrive on our creativity and “outside the box” thinking with atypical clients. We always love a challenge. I would at least entertain the consultation …

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  • Social media icons in phone

    Pros and Cons of Social Media in the Immigration Space

    By U.S. Immigration Attorney Seth Finberg Social media is a good and bad thing, right? We try to watch how much time we spend on various platforms and limit screen time for our kids. However, not all social media is bad or inherently dangerous. LinkedIn …

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  • Immigration chess

    Who wants to play Immigration Chess ♛♜

    Who wants to play Immigration Chess♛♜?  Your move! I always like the E-4 opening with an F-1 visa (pawn)♟or start more aggressively with a H-1B visa (Knight) ♞ to F-3. Thoughts? With chess you can only move a pawn or a knight to begin, so …

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  • Immigration - VISA

    Did Raj from the Big Bang Theory ever get his green card

    “Raj is his name and stars are his game”. Many of you might recognize Dr. Rajesh “Raj” Koothrappali as a fictional character from the popular show The Big Bang Theory. I decided to use a fun and creative way to explain what immigration options might …

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  • H-1B Visa

    Navigating the H-1B Lottery: An Interesting Gateway for Graduates and OPT Seekers.

    You may have heard the term “H-1B visa” or “H-1B”. The H-1B program aims to address the shortage of specialized skills within the domestic workforce. It is specifically designed for employers looking for individuals with expertise in fields that require high levels of specialized knowledge, …

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  • 200X200 3

    Can I change jobs while on an H-1B visa?

    Yes. Having to leave your job or even losing your job while on an H-1B Visa is not necessarily the end of the world!! You will need to be able to secure new employment within the 60-day grace period, and then, your new employer will …

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  • Startup Visa

    Why we need a startup visa

    We hear all the time that the U.S. Immigration System is “broken” or certainly needs reform.  What can be done?  While I am not a politician or a policy maker, I have worked in the immigration legal field for a while and I think I …

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  • 200X200

    Immigration Questions and Answers

    1. When can we expect the commencement of visa stamping within the United States? In 2004, the U.S Department of State halted the renewal of U.S visa stamps due to heightened border restrictions following the events of 9/11. Initially, the U.S visa stamping process was …

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