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  • Ayurvedic Chyavanprash Served Antique Bowl With Ingredients 1

    Ayurvedic Tips and Tricks By Chahna Tailor

    Happy August! Since we are in the full swing of the summer season, let’s go through some Ayurvedic tips to brighten your skin, make your hair healthier, and keep you calm and relaxed through this fun time! Skin Care     Swedana, sweating, is great …

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  • Taste The Rainbow Article Ftr Img

    Taste the Rainbow

     By Chahna Tailor Happy July! Some people eat to live, while others (like me!) live to eat. The thing is, everything you eat becomes your body. Your food can balance you or imbalance you; it can build a healthy body or an unhealthy body. So, …

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  • Am I Able To Get Rid of Toxins Before My Wedding? by Chahna Tailor

    Am I Able To Get Rid of Toxins Before My Wedding?

    By Chahna Tailor Happy June and happy wedding season! Usually, in preparation for our wedding, we want to make sure that we look our best physically. But are we also in our best shape when it comes to our health? Our bodies do so much …

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  • AdobeStock 363482292

    Copper Immunity By Chahna Tailor

      In a few of my previous articles, I have mentioned that copper is highly beneficial. I’ve suggested using a copper tongue scraper and drinking from a copper cup. But why? Acharya Charaka, author of Charaka Samhita, wrote about many metals that are beneficial to …

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  • The Ayurvedic Way to End Your Day By Chahna Tailor

    The Ayurvedic Way to End Your Day By Chahna Tailor

    Happy New Year! We just wrapped up a super long year. Are there any changes you would like to see in life for 2021? Why not better sleep or a more restful evening? If you had a chance to read last month’s article, you read …

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  • Start Your Day the Ayurvedic Way

    Start Your Day the Ayurvedic Way

    By Chahna Tailor Did you know that even in Ayurveda there is a perfect way to start your day?  Dinacharya is the combination of two words: dina, which means day or daytime, and charya, which means regimen or routine. This daytime routine can help to …

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  • Ice is not that Nice!

    Ice is not that Nice!

    By Chahna Tailor It’s summer. It’s hot. What is the instinctive way to cool ourselves down? Water, iced. Super cold. You can immediately feel a reduction in heat! Whenever I am asked about Ayurveda tips that can be easily integrated into our daily routine, the …

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  • Ashwagandha: Is It For You?

    Ashwagandha: Is It For You?

    By Chahna Tailor When people think of Ayurveda, one of the first herbs that comes to mind is Ashwagandha. Ashwagandha is known for being the herb of choice for those that suffer from stress, anxiety, and insomnia. But this herb can be used for so …

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  • Vatta,Pitta & Kapha

    Know Yourself Through Ayurveda

    By Chahna Tailor Ayurveda is being accepted as an alternative medicine in the USA and in the Western world in general. Although it can be complex, some basic understanding of the science should allow us to begin applying some of the concepts. So, where do …

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  • Activities At Home

    Home Activities During Coronavirus

    You may find yourself having to practice social distancing this month and that may be a bit difficult since we are not used to being at home for so long. So, what can we do? It can actually be more fun than you think! There …

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