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  • Mom tutoring his boy

    What! Why can’t I say “Good job” to my kids? By Dr. Namitha Raju

    Negative Effects of Praising While praising may seem like it encourages kids to do well, it erodes a child’s inner confidence Any praise aimed at our kid’s character or the outcome (e.g., smart, intelligent, pretty, brave, good job, excellent grades) focuses on something a kid …

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  • Happy young family

    What kind of parent are you? By Dr. Namitha Raju

    Most of us are aware of the controlling parent and the lenient parent. A controlling parent manages their kids’ behaviors using dominating techniques such as threats, yelling, shaming, sarcasm, or punishments. Parents who use control don’t like it but feel compelled to use it. Moreover, …

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  • Depressed School Boy

    Careers! Who gets to choose – Parents or Kids? By Dr. Namitha Raju

    A clever advertisement recently released ( by Bournvita, a children’s health drink company in India, promoted a social message. In this ad, they changed the packaging of their health drink and presented it in unimaginable containers (such as a glass cleaner, a soap box, a …

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