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  • Nithya Raman

    Nithya Raman clinches a seat on the LA City Council

    Nithya Raman, an Indian American urban planner, secured re-election to her Los Angeles City Council seat, surpassing 50% in the March 5 election, avoiding a November runoff. Making history in November 2020 by unseating a council incumbent, Raman faced a tough race, challenged by opponents …

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  • Yogesh Raut

    Yogesh Raut wins Jeopardy! Championship

    Yogesh Raut, a Washington-based Indian American blogger, freelance writer, and podcaster, secured a notable victory by winning the 2024 Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions (ToC), claiming the esteemed $250,000 grand prize. His triumph also granted him a coveted spot in the forthcoming Jeopardy! Masters competition, where …

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  • Social media icons in phone

    Pros and Cons of Social Media in the Immigration Space

    By U.S. Immigration Attorney Seth Finberg Social media is a good and bad thing, right? We try to watch how much time we spend on various platforms and limit screen time for our kids. However, not all social media is bad or inherently dangerous. LinkedIn …

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  • Immigration chess

    Who wants to play Immigration Chess ♛♜

    Who wants to play Immigration Chess♛♜?  Your move! I always like the E-4 opening with an F-1 visa (pawn)♟or start more aggressively with a H-1B visa (Knight) ♞ to F-3. Thoughts? With chess you can only move a pawn or a knight to begin, so …

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  • Vivek Ramasamy

    What is the political future of Vivek Ramaswamy?

    From a successful entrepreneur to a vocal critic of woke capitalism, Vivek Ramaswamy has been making waves in both the business and political landscape. His sharp insights, coupled with his keen sense of social issues, have set him apart as a rising star within the …

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  • Immigration - VISA

    Did Raj from the Big Bang Theory ever get his green card

    “Raj is his name and stars are his game”. Many of you might recognize Dr. Rajesh “Raj” Koothrappali as a fictional character from the popular show The Big Bang Theory. I decided to use a fun and creative way to explain what immigration options might …

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  • Yoga for healthy heart

    How Yoga Helps Heart Patients: A Holistic Approach to Cardiovascular Health

    By Dr. Shomika Basu Yoga, an ancient Hindu practice that originated in India thousands of years ago, has gained immense popularity worldwide as a means to improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being. While yoga is well-known for its stress-relief and flexibility-enhancing benefits, its role in …

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  • Yoga Featured Img

    The Heart of Wellness: How Yoga Enhances Oxygenation

    By  Indranill Basu-Ray In the heart of America, a silent battle rages on. Each year, a staggering 670,000 lives are claimed by coronary heart disease, a stealthy foe often linked to the heart’s cry for more oxygen. In this landscape, where 20% of heart failure …

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  • women doing yoga

    Yoga for Stress

    Yoga has been practiced for nearly 5000 years mainly in India but in last few decades it has gained popularity throughout the world as people have discovered the many health benefits of yoga. Yoga which is derived from the word “Yoke” means to bring together …

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  • H-1B Visa

    Navigating the H-1B Lottery: An Interesting Gateway for Graduates and OPT Seekers.

    You may have heard the term “H-1B visa” or “H-1B”. The H-1B program aims to address the shortage of specialized skills within the domestic workforce. It is specifically designed for employers looking for individuals with expertise in fields that require high levels of specialized knowledge, …

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