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  • Sai Shanmukhi And Sai Susheel Ftr Img

    Sai Shanmukhi and Sai Susheel

    College students Sai Shanmukhi and Sai Susheel collaborated on a project for class. When they decided to pursue a master’s in the USA 1.5 years later, it was pure happenstance that brought the two of them together. They were searching for one another by the …

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  • Indian Wedding Couple Manisha and Akaash

    Manisha and Akaash

    First, it was a dance team and then Statistics tuition that made Manisha and Akaash closer to each other. Gradually they started liking each other and finally, the cupid struck and they began dating in 2016. After dating and knowing each other for 4 years, …

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  • Indian Wedding Couple Anika and Milan

    Anika and Milan

    It seems like the power of online dating can surprise everyone or anyone. Milan and Anika connected on DilMil at the beginning of 2019. The spark was there the moment they swiped right. On October 5, 2020, in the midst of a pandemic Milan was …

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  • Indian Wedding Couple Neha and Vishal

    Neha and Vishal

    It was, perhaps, love at first sight for Neha Mahtani and Vishal Chatlani. They met at a wedding where Neha was the groom’s cousin and Vishal was the bride’s brother. They could feel an instant connection between them, and after the wedding they kept in …

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  • Indian Wedding Couple Janisha and Ronak

    Janisha and Ronak

    As medical school classmates, they were best friends and always stood by each other, no matter what the situation was. However, it was after graduation and during their residency in Philadelphia in 2017 that both Janisha and Ronak began dating each other. The proposal came …

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  • Indian Wedding Couple Khushboo and Dhrudeep

    Khushboo and Dhrudeep

    Sometimes a connection is eternal and predestined, the kind that happens all of a sudden and heralds a new beginning.  The bonding between Khushboo and Dr. Dhrudeep was just like that. It all began with Instagram, followed by a long Facetime chat.  Through these virtual …

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  • Indian Wedding Couple Brindusa and Parth

    Brindusa and Parth

    It took Parth Dave four long years to begin dating Brindusa (Brin) Dumitrascu. However, with slow but steady effort, Parth ultimately won the heart of his lady love. They met through colleagues and hung out a bit in 2014. They met again in 2018 and …

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  • Feat 2

    Atisha Mike

    BANQUET HALLS Knik Glacier, Alaska | BEAUTICIANS Vibe Artistry 907-632-0696 | CAKE Midnight Sun Cakery 907-229-0347 | EVENT PLANNER Wild Hearts Events 702-496-4830 | FLORIST Honeybloom Floral Designs 805-990-1447 | INVITATIONS Watercolor Design Studio 772-257-5335 | MEHNDI Naseera Fazil 980-505-7889 | PHOTOGRAPHER Kristian Irey Photography …

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  • Indian Wedding Couple Anandhi and Rushi

    Anandi and Rushi

    Even with the many challenges of a long-distance relationship, the bonds of love and togetherness never faded between Anandi Mandania and Rushi Gajjar. Anandi, a resident of New Jersey, and Rushi, who lives in Dallas, met each other while taking vacations at a beautiful Mexican …

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  • Binny weds Dewang

    The incessantly rainy night had a magic touch. It was the first real meeting between Binny and Dewang after virtual dating. They met at a Wine Bar in Garwood, NJ. A Rainy night and glass of wine created an instant bonding between them and they …

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