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March 2013

Dear Readers,

At Desh-Videsh, March does not bring “March Madness” in the same way as does the NCAA Men’s Division Basketball Championship. Instead, this month brings celebration, weddings and joy. Once again, it is our pleasure to present several new wedding stories in our spring wedding issue. The stories are filled with love and excitement.

A few days ago, I presented “Indian Weddings 101” to the local NACE (National Association of Catering Executives) monthly meeting, and I talked about new and unique ideas Indian brides, grooms and their families’ display at their weddings. One new tradition was how couples opt for selecting different and unique venues for each wedding event. When you read Rinita and Pablo’s story about their wedding on Captiva Island and reception in Orlando, it is clear just how many couples do this. It is our pleasure to present six unique wedding stories, all special in different ways. Jennifer and Arun’s wedding story is noteworthy in the sense that they won the grand prize trip to India at our 2012 Atlanta Bridal Expo. As you read each story, one thing in common is that each couple is not only madly in love, but also ready to spend the rest of their lives together. Anjali and Anil shared a famous quote about marriage – “You don’t marry the person you can live with; you marry the person you cannot live without.”

Hindu scripture (Atharva Veda Samhita 14.2.71) describes the same this way:

“I am he, you are she,
I am song, you are verse,
I am heaven, you are earth.
We two shall here together dwell,
becoming parents of children.”

Atharva Veda Samhita 14.2.71

This issue also features three articles from our staff writers about Indian wedding rituals regarding sindoor, mangalsutra and varmala. Each explains the significance of the ritual in Hindu weddings.

I would also like to remind our readers about our three upcoming Bridal Expos: Atlanta on March 24; Tampa on April 21; and Ft. Lauderdale on May 19.

Last but not least, March is Holi celebration month – the celebration of victory of good over evil and of colors. We have allocated one full page in our community news section to highlight various Holi celebrations all over the southeast US.

Happy Holi!

Raj Shah
Managing Editor

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