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Editorial December 2008

December 2008

Dear Readers,

The end of the year is upon us, and that means many things – family time together during the holiday vacations, festive celebrations, and a time to reflect about the year we leave behind. As we plan for the year ahead, many of us also have finances on our minds. Particularly in this time of uncertainty and fluctuation, we are all looking for ways to protect our investments and save money in the future.

This month, Desh-Videsh presents a series of articles geared towards helping you secure your financial future. Financial matters affect us all, and every age group, no matter if you are a millionaire or a middle-class family, should consider planning for the future. Estate planning, tax tips during our uncertain economy, and the importance of drafting a will are all explored in this month’s issue.

Tune in to your local PBS channel in January for a series of episodes focused on India. This British documentary explores many hidden parts of India to show viewers the true “Story of India.” Read the review in this month’s issue and check out your local television listings for times.

Desh-Videsh has also introduced a new column as part of our monthly Community News – Community Pride. Each month, we would like to highlight the lives of extraordinary individuals from the local community. If you know someone from your community, a friend, relative, or neighbor, who has won an award or accomplished a great goal, we want to hear about it! E-mail a 350-word description of the person and their achievement to

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