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Dear Readers,

Bahaar, Basant, Vasant, Spring. The loveliest of all seasons is here. One of the greatest poets in classical Sanskrit literature Kalidasa calls it the king of seasons.

I am not sure about you, but every spring brings me feelings of freshness. There is something about the spring that makes the world feel like it’s starting anew, there is a sense of excitement in the air, the romance, the cheerfulness, nature’s finest manifestation in all her beauty. It reminds us that cold and gloomy days of winter do not last forever, both literally and mentally. Instead, the first day of spring represents a time of rejuvenation. It’s a season that allows nature
to come back to life with full vigor and total beauty. Maybe I feel this way because I was born on the first day of spring!

Another reason I’m excited this time of year is because I get the chance to chat with newlyweds for the Desh-Videsh spring wedding issue. They all are excited to start their new journey together, and I can feel the excitement in their voice and in their writing. It is our pleasure once again to present recent weddings of Florida and Georgia.

In this issue, we feature Anand and Richa’s wedding, a wedding we had the pleasure to attend. We have watched Anand grow up over the last 25 years. Congratulations Anand and Richa and all other newlyweds in this issue!

I would also like to welcome writer Satya Patel to the Desh-Videsh team. Satya is a marketing expert, but after planning her own wedding in 2014, she became a wedding planning expert and started a blog and website. Check out her web site www.indianweddingtoolkit.com.

The last couple of wedding issues have included a new section that includes the best of the best photographs from one feature photographer. This issue, we present “Must have Photos” from Sona Photography. Having been featured on several Desh-Videsh Wedding issue covers and real wedding stories in these issues, Stephana and Mona, the dynamic ladies of Sona Photography, have won the hearts of Desh-Videsh readers. Newly engaged couples, don’t miss taking a look at some of these breathtaking photographs!

Speaking of newly engaged couples, we have two exciting MyShadi Bridal Expos coming up for you – one in Atlanta on March 25, and one in Orlando on April 15. Visit www.myshadibrdialexpos.com to register to attend online. Avoid long lines at the show and register for your chance to win free honeymoon tickets to India,


See you there!

Raj Shah
Managing Editor


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