Gullak 4

Gullak 4: The Joy of Simplicity is back

Gullak 4

The Mishra family is back with their tales of pleasure, pain, smiles, and depression found in the little things in life. With no glamour, special effects, or great artwork, this down-to-earth series has always been a special favorite of audiences, and the fourth season is no exception. It perhaps represents the middle-class Indian family and its ups and downs in a way that no one has ever tried to. The Mishra family, based in North India, consists of four members, with a special addition in the form of their earthen piggy bank, known as Gullak, who narrates the story in a background voice.

 The real assets of this humble story of daily lives are the actors, who have virtually made themselves the characters of the Mishra family through their excellent and realistic acting skills. Jameel Khan (Santosh Mishra), Geetanjali Kulkarni (Shanti Mishra), Vaibhav Raj Gupta (elder son Anand), and Harsh Mayar (younger son Aman) all have portrayed excellent performances depicting the characters’ emotions, aspirations, dreams, and reality-check in all respects. Critics and audiences have highly appreciated all five episodes.

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