Yashvi Shah



So Little

We write so much,
but we mean so little.

We read so much,
but we understand so little.

We feel so much,
but we love so little.

We crave so much,
but we appreciate so little.

We sleep so much,
but we dream so little.

We live so much,
but we are alive so little.
Skeleton Mirror illustrations


I Realized…

I thought
I’m an artist,
only to realize
I’m an amateur.

I thought
I was learning,
only to realize
I was naive.

I thought
I was happy,
only to realize
I forgot my sorrows.

I thought
I was alone,
only to realize
I was lonely.

Realize myself image


Endless Pursuits

I am cursed with
Too many dreams.

I have tried like seventeen things,
Which means sixteen are incomplete.

This gives them a reason to laugh,
And my loved ones to scream.

However, here I am,
Trying out an eighteenth thing

I am not sure if I’ll succeed,
But I know I’ll bloom.

Regardless of whether
It’s autumn or spring.


About the Poet

Yashvi Shah

I am Yashvi Shah, 23 years old, and I live in Anjar, Kutch, Gujarat. I am an engineer by profession and a literature enthusiast by passion. The journey began in 2019, when I initiated the Gujrati Jain religion, Tirthankar Parichay. A series of my blogs were published by the magazine “Kutch Gurjari.” Thanks to the pandemic, I had the opportunity to discover myself.

Today, I am the co-founder of a digital marketing agency. Writing has always been my way of expressing myself. For each poem, I draw my own illustration. For the past three years, I have been writing and posting on social media.

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