Anandi Law, Alex Varkey, and Nishaminy Kasbekar

Indian Americans lead top 3 US pharmacy organizations for the first time

Anandi Law, Alex Varkey, and Nishaminy Kasbekar

Indian Americans have achieved a significant milestone in the United States pharmacy sector as three of their own hold presidential positions concurrently in major organizations. Anandi Law, serving as president of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, Nishaminy Kasbekar, president of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, and Alex C. Varkey, president of the American Pharmacists Association, mark the first time in history that Indian Americans lead these influential bodies simultaneously.

Reflecting on the historical importance of this achievement, Anandi Law, a distinguished professor and associate dean at Western University of Health Sciences, highlighted her commitment to enhancing interprofessional collaborations in patient care and advancing the pharmacy profession through advocacy and communication. She articulated her presidency theme as “Reach Out. Engage. Elevate our profession.” Law underscored the alignment of goals with her counterparts Alex Varkey and Nishaminy Kasbekar, who draw inspiration respectively from themes of unity and societal change.

Alex Varkey, the inaugural Indian American president of the American Pharmacists Association in its 172-year history, brings a wealth of experience from his role as director of pharmacy services at Houston Methodist Hospital–Texas Medical Center. He has been instrumental in implementing innovative technologies to enhance medication-use processes, reflecting his dedication to advancing pharmacy practices nationwide. Varkey expressed profound pride in his heritage and the responsibility of representing both his profession and cultural background alongside his esteemed colleagues.

Nishaminy Kasbekar, as the first Indian American to lead the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, brings a rich background in clinical pharmacy and leadership. Her journey, rooted in the sacrifices of her immigrant parents and her own determination, serves as a beacon for aspiring pharmacists from diverse backgrounds. Kasbekar emphasized her pride in joining fellow Indian American leaders in reshaping the landscape of pharmacy, underscoring the importance of diverse representation in healthcare leadership.

Together, Anandi Law, Alex Varkey, and Nishaminy Kasbekar epitomize the strides made by Indian Americans in pharmacy leadership roles, embodying a commitment to excellence, cultural pride, and innovation in patient care. Their collective presidency signifies not only personal achievements but also a broader advancement towards inclusivity and excellence in the pharmaceutical profession. 

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