Let us help Liyna Anwar!

Let us help Liyna Anwar!

Liyna Anwar, South Asian is senior producer for the LA Times and for many years was a producer at Story Corp in NYC.


Unfortunately, she was just diagnosed with an aggressive form of Leukemia.


She is in need of bone marrow and hasn’t matched with anyone from the registry. She needs to match with someone who has South Asian background. South Asians represent ONLY 3% of the total people registered.


Liyna, her family and Celebrities like Mindy Kaling are trying to get more people of South Asian descent into the bone marrow registry

Blood transplants can cure over 70 different types of blood cancers and diseases in patients who need them. However, perfect matches are closely tied to a protein marker in DNA — which means underrepresented groups such as people of South Asian, African-American, and mixed-race descent face an uphill battle.

Please spread the word, and if you are not registered ….please do now only!


This isn’t just for Liyna…but for all South Asians who will one day need help.


To register or to find more information, please visit



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