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Mask fines in Delhi fetch cops Rs 2.4 Crore since April 1

While doctors and experts stress the significance of wearing masks in the instance of the Novel Coronavirus, many Delhiites show to be least concerned about covering their faces. According to the Delhi Police data, South Delhi had the utmost number of violators with 5,539 cases registered till date. This was followed by southwest Delhi, where 4,564 cases were registered in several areas. But in northeast Delhi, only three people were caught without masks.

“People not wearing masks when outdoors may also have to pay a fine of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 for subsequent violations,” said Mandeep Singh Randhawa, Delhi Police spokesperson.

Officials added that not wearing a mask while stepping out of the house can even land a violator in jail for six months.

People while driving cars or outside residential colonies are seen to be 90% of the violators. “While they come up with several lame excuses, we tell the violators how a mask can keep them safe from the infection,” said a police officer.

“There is a standard for masks, which requires double-layer protection. It should cover the nose and the mouth till the chin. Not following the set standard will attract a fine,” said the officer.

The cops have so far distributed 1,35,083 masks amongst the violators.

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