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Namitha Raju received a Ph.D. in Psychology where she studied early development. As a mom of two kids, she found that her academic experience couldn’t rescue her from her day-to-day parenting challenges! Her curiosity led her to garner the expertise necessary to inculcate deep connections between parent and child. As a Certified Master Parent Coach, she helps parents bring communication, connection, and peace into their relationships. Her company, Beautiful Bonds, is based on the principle that emotional growth, healthy relationships, and personal transformation are the keys to fulfilling parenthood. She serves parents virtually throughout the US. If you would like to find out more, please visit

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Parents with their kids

Can you stop getting on my nerves?

By Dr. Namitha Raju You walk into your home and see your kids screaming and fighting with each other. What do you do? Do you feel numb and walk away or do you scream at them and ask them to cut it out? Or do you take turns going close to each of them, asking them to share what’s going …

parents with their children

Are you Ready to Play? By Dr. Namitha Raju

What comes to your mind when you think of play? Do you feel stressed out because you feel you don’t have the time to play with your kids? Or do you feel that play is frivolous and is not the best place to invest your time? Or that you have tried and you find it difficult to participate in play …

I Want To Break Free! By Dr. Namitha Raju

Do you recognize any of these recurring themes in your parenting?   *Wails* I need the iPad. I’m in the middle of something! I hate you. You’re so unfair! *Whines* I hate this! I don’t want this. You never make anything I like! *Yells* I didn’t do it. Stop accusing me! Get out of my room! *Groans* I don’t want …

How Parenting Styles Create Mindsets By Dr. Namitha Raju

Several schools are introducing kids to the concept of a fixed mindset versus a growth mindset as part of their social-emotional learning program. It’s a great awareness tool, thanks to studies by Stanford University researcher Dr. Carol Dweck. Dr. Dweck’s research discovered the two main ways people think about their ability to do things: the fixed mindset and the growth …

Mom tutoring his boy

What! Why can’t I say “Good job” to my kids? By Dr. Namitha Raju

Negative Effects of Praising While praising may seem like it encourages kids to do well, it erodes a child’s inner confidence Any praise aimed at our kid’s character or the outcome (e.g., smart, intelligent, pretty, brave, good job, excellent grades) focuses on something a kid has no control over. Moreover, praise is an external motivator that hinders one’s ability to …

Happy young family

What kind of parent are you? By Dr. Namitha Raju

Most of us are aware of the controlling parent and the lenient parent. A controlling parent manages their kids’ behaviors using dominating techniques such as threats, yelling, shaming, sarcasm, or punishments. Parents who use control don’t like it but feel compelled to use it. Moreover, with time, the threats go up in intensity. Otherwise, they don’t work. While this method …

Depressed School Boy

Careers! Who gets to choose – Parents or Kids? By Dr. Namitha Raju

A clever advertisement recently released ( by Bournvita, a children’s health drink company in India, promoted a social message. In this ad, they changed the packaging of their health drink and presented it in unimaginable containers (such as a glass cleaner, a soap box, a toilet cleaner, a tissue box, etc.) to see how someone would react to a different …