New Hopes and Promises for the New Year

New Hopes and Promises for the New Year

New YearAs 2011 draws to a close, we look back at the events that have transpired over the year. This time of year allows us to review the good and bad, blessings and misfortunes, and things we might have wanted to change. Most importantly, we can give thought to how we want the coming year unfold. It is these thoughts that inspire us to make New Year resolutions, and try and keep to them.

The aim of resolutions is fully make use of the year ahead and ensure it is a year filled with happiness and good times. While we are all aware that happiness rests largely within us, it is only by our own thoughts and actions that we can decide just how happy we can be.

When taking a look at common New Year’s resolutions, many encompass the ways in which we can earn more money or live in greater comfort. Some wish to travel more extensively, while others vow to fare better at academics or in their profession, depending on their stage of life.

In reality, the aim and purpose of life is much larger. The body is merely an instrument by which we play an important role. Understanding this and the potential with which each of us is gifted, it is important to direct energies towards a greater good.

There are several areas in our lives we tend to overlook or take less seriously. It may be wise to look at these this year to enjoy a better quality of life, not just for yourself, but also for those that surround you.

Most of what we do in life is for family. The endless hours we work, long commutes, and daily stresses all seem worth it when we look at the life that our families lead. Make this year different and pledge to make a special difference for each member of your family. Be it your parents, spouse or child, look for a way to make them feel the difference. Beyond all the duties you diligently execute, make the relationship more personal. This could mean taking special time off with your spouse for breakfast once a week to bring the magic back into your relationship. Better still, share a favorite sporting event with your child. Make it a point to do something that your parents will appreciate. These are not big asks, but small things that can make a big difference to your family, and ensure that harmony prevails at home.

While we all worry greatly about our family members when even the slightest ailment strikes, our own health often takes a back seat. Vow this year to give yourself the same attention. Schedule routine health checks, and ensure that even the slightest nag does not go unnoticed. A healthy family is always a happy family. Make your health and that of your family the highest priority, and you will find many new avenues for enjoyment at your fingertips.

Wealth And FitnessWealth
While money may come today and help you avoid stress tomorrow, the truth of life is that money is the all important tool that can help you gain access to all you need. Ensure that you have enough for all that you have dreamt. Most importantly, make sure that what you earn is through the right means. Spare a thought for those who are less fortunate, and make charity a part of your being. There is a lot that money can do. Plan your spending so that there is scope for saving and investment.

This year, make sincere changes in your life. Ensure that you can reach out and touch as many lives as you can. While we often spend time chasing after things that bring us fleeting moments of joy, look instead for pleasures that are lasting and can be remembered forever.

Plan your New Year resolutions and weave them into ways that can uplift the spirits of those around you. A smile is worth millions, and winning a smile from those around you can make you an instant millionaire.

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