Nithya Raman

Nithya Raman clinches a seat on the LA City Council

Nithya Raman

Nithya Raman, an Indian American urban planner, secured re-election to her Los Angeles City Council seat, surpassing 50% in the March 5 election, avoiding a November runoff. Making history in November 2020 by unseating a council incumbent, Raman faced a tough race, challenged by opponents questioning her approach to homelessness and crime. Despite this, she emerged victorious, with leading opponent Ethan Weaver conceding on March 14. Despite substantial support from the LAPD union and real estate groups, Weaver fell short, garnering over 24,000 votes, while Raman amassed more than 32,000 votes, securing 50.6%. Raman attributed her win to voters rejecting the hefty spending by Weaver and the unions.

She empathized with voter frustration over homelessness, advocating for holistic solutions like housing and services instead of mere sidewalk clearance. Raman’s district saw the launch of the Inside Safe program under Mayor Karen Bass, aimed at clearing encampments and assisting the homeless. Challenges persist, exemplified by ongoing clearances at sites like 101 Freeway and Cahuenga Boulevard. As a Silver Lake resident, Raman began her political journey as a community volunteer, eventually chairing the council’s homelessness committee. Her campaign emphasized advocacy for reforms in transportation, governance, and tenant eviction assistance.

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