Planning the Perfect Honeymoon

Planning the Perfect Honeymoon

Once the wedding celebrations are over and guests have gone home, excitement quickly dies down. After everyone leaves, brides and grooms are left to their own devices. Some brides move in with extended families where they live with many other family members, but it is also common to begin life with the spouse alone.

Regardless of how long or how well you know your spouse before you have been married, it is very different to live with them in the capacity of husband or wife. For this reason, and also to be able to unwind after the adventure of the wedding, couples often go on a honeymoon before they settle in to the regular routine of life.

A honeymoon is not something that comes together quickly, but rather is something you should have thought about and planned for well. There are several choices that are available for any honeymoon, only you know which is best. Do not choose a location for a honeymoon because it is popular or your friends have been there. Opt for a location where you and your spouse can relax and be as adventurous as you choose.

The most important thing you need to understand is what you want from your honeymoon. Some couples love fun and adventure, while others prefer nature. Some want sheer indulgence, while the only thing a few may want is the outdoors. Look for what will interest you, and narrow down your selection accordingly. What you then need to decide is the duration. Depending on how much time you can spend on your honeymoon, you may then decide on how many places you would like to visit, and how much time you can spend at each destination. This will also let you know whether you can honeymoon abroad or stick to closer, domestic locales.

As with other wedding planning, your honeymoon budget is an important factor. Once you know how much you can spend, you can determine how many places you would like to see, and the types of accommodation you would like. Since this is your first official holiday together as a couple, it might be nice to find a more luxurious, indulgent hotel. Your decisions will help create lasting memories, and you will want to look back on them fondly.

Be sure to check for reservation availability as early as you can. When getting in touch with the hotel, make it a point to tell them that you are on their honeymoon. For all you know, you may be able to get some special privileges or even a complimentary upgrade if you are travelling off-season. Hotels also try and ensure they provide newlyweds with rooms that are private and in secluded areas.

There may be cases where the husband and wife do not share the same tastes and interests. If your spouse is unlike you in his choices, try and include elements both of you can enjoy to balance the honeymoon. This is a time when you both deserve equal opportunity at fun, and it is important that you both feel involved. At the same time, do not go all out and only look for what your partner may like. Out of good intent, you may find yourself bored out of your mind and not enjoying the honeymoon at all.

There are several special moments that can be created on a honeymoon. Try and include as many as you can, and your budget may allow. Some really special things you can do include having your own special candle light dinner. This can be arranged on a separate balcony or terrace, on the beach or even atop a hill. If you are staying at a beach resort, they may be able to arrange for dinner on a barge. Another option is to participate in a couples spa treatment, or even a couple’s special screening of a romantic movie. Weave romance in to as many aspects of your honeymoon as possible, and you will see enjoyment and passion.
The off-season is the best time to take advantage of discounts and the best rates. Even if you are travelling during the holiday season, there are locations that are not tourist hotspots, where you may find more intimate options for activities.

Travel agents and tour operators are the most experienced resource with planning a honeymoon. They know and understand different requirements and can help provide the best alternatives. They can also help make all reservations for you and extend the lowest rates available. Going with a travel agent can actually save you time and effort, and enable you to get the best of your honeymoon. What is important is that you have a detailed discussion with them and let them know what your preferences are. Give them your budget and tell them what category of service you expect, and you will find that everything related to your honeymoon is arranged perfectly.

A great honeymoon offers much promise and can help you feel reassured that life will also be happy and filled with love thereafter. Spend some time on the planning and involve your spouse. It does not require deep pockets or fancy places. Every honeymoon can be made exclusive with a personal touch and loving moments.

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