Poems on Mother

Poems on Mother

Happy Mother’s Day! In this issue, our youngest generation honors the moms in their
lives with heartfelt poems.

Mother's Day

When we come to this world
Crying and shouting
The person who takes us in her arms is
None other than mother.

We learn to talk, sing
Play, dance and cry
To bear our pains and gains from
None other than mother.

Even when friends prove enemy
And people leave us in worries
The person who stands as support is
None other than mother.

Think what she has done for you
And what you have done for her
The person who does not expect anything from you is
None other than mother.

So come, let us celebrate this Mother’s Day
Not by wishing her
But by explaining her that
the person whom you love more than life is
None other than mother.

Somya K
Grade 7


My MotherOh! Mother of mine,
Wonderful you are
Loving you are
I thank thy God a billion times
For having born to such a lovely mother
Never ever I will let
Tears in your lively eyes
Never ever I will let
Sorrow in your loving heart
Oh! Dear Mother of mine
You are my living God
Accept the Pranam I offer
On your feet, so holy and divine.
Bless me Mother with all your heart
For all that I do
Pray for me my beloved mother
For all my deeds to be nobler.

Tanusha N
Grade 8

portrait of Indian mother with little baby girl in outdoors

MotherThe depth of sea can be measured
But not my mother’s love

The sun may rise in the west
But her affection to me
Shall not change

The weather can be predicted
But not my mother

The rain showers sometimes
A year but my mother’s
Blessing shall shower always

I came to her as clay
She molded me into a gentleman

People may come and go
But not her

You can find a spare for all
But not mother,
She is always beyond compare.

Karthik  A.

Poems on Mother

Mother's Love

Beyond our limits we strive to love
But forget to reminisce own mother’s love,
For nine heavy months she carries the child
Caresses the child with tender hands mild.

In her holy pilgrimage of eternal life
Nourishes her babe nice even in strife;
Though her husband grants one handful of love,
She serves offspring with two handfuls of love.

Mother’s the Muse and metamorphose
Her words all humane, divine, I disclose,
In the cradle of hopes comforts to sleep,
She craves for bliss with eager to reap.

Sings in tunes, converses with the boon;
Spends dreamy nights, sleepless more,
Knocks at poet’s senses from door to door.

Mother is all, a goddess from above,
And she is the emblem of original love;
Theme of the vedas echoes in her words sweet,
Anything greater than mother’s love, sweet?

Lakshmi K

Poems on Mother

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