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The Desh-Videsh team thanks all our readers and community members for supporting Desh-Videsh since 1993.For over 20 years, we have distributed our magazines free of charge through vendors such as grocery stores and restaurants. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you likely noticed that our magazine is not available at these distributors.We want to be sure you don’t miss all the great information Desh-Videsh has to offer during this time! To ensure you receive your copy of Desh-Videsh on a regular basis in the mail, a paid subscription is offered at a nominal charge. A paid subscription guarantees you get one in your mailbox each month!

A paid subscription is available, and currently, over 10,000 readers subscribe.Recognizing the COVID-19 impact, we are offering a limited time 50% discount on yearly subscriptions.

The Desh-Videsh team truly appreciates all the support over the years, and we hope you will continue to support our Desh-Videsh by subscribing to the magazine.

12 Issues (One Year) $12

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Please make check payable to “Desh-Videsh Media Group” and send it to the address below.

Desh-Videsh Media Group
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Desh-Videsh Media Group – Paid Subscription

Desh-Videsh team

community members for supporting Desh-Videsh since 1993

COVID-19 pandemic

50% discount on yearly subscriptions

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