Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University
Dr. Kiren C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine
Fall Welcome Week at the Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI)
October 10 – 13, 2022
Free – No Registration Necessary
In-Person at the LLI Auditorium and Via Zoom
NSU East Campus Alumni Hall
3100 SW 9 Avenue, Fort Lauderdale
954-262-8471 • •
Join Monday October 10th – 10:00am
Dr. Ransford Edwards
The New NAFTA: An Analysis of the USMCA

“The USMCA: Globalists Versus Nationalists: Crisis, Conflict and the Reemergence of Economic Nationalism”
Monday October 10th – 30pm
Dr. Nelson Bass
The New NAFTA: An Analysis of the USMCA

“Which Side Are You On? The USMCA: Labor Solidarity or Labor Protectionism?”
Tuesday October 11th 10:00am
Dr. Laura Finley

“Jewbans: Examining the History of the Cuban Jewish Diaspora”
Tuesday October 11th – 12:30pm – Ira Mark Egdall
“James Webb Space Telescope – The Ultimate Time Machine”
Wednesday October 12th – 10:00am
Matthew Sabatella

“Songs of Westward Expansion”
Wednesday October 12th – 12:30pm – Dr. Vernon Dickson
“The Theater in Shakespeare’s Time”
Thursday October 13th – 10:00am
Jodi Sypher

“Contemporary Art & Social Issues”
Thursday October 13th – 12:30pm – Dr. Katy Doll
US Cold War Propaganda in Practice and Popular Culture
India Centric Lecture series

Coming Soon

Faced With Today’s Crisis, What Would Mahatma Gandhi :
An Apostle Of Peace Do?
India As A Potential Superpower
Hinduism, The Most Misunderstood Religion
The Fine Arts Of India – Dance, Music And More