Sona Led Lighting

Sona Led Lighting
Sona Led Lighting – Lighting Up Your World One Bulb At A Time

Sona LED Lighting has all of your residential and commercial lighting solutions. Highest quality products, longest warranty, and the best customer service.

Sona Led Lighting
Inside Patel Plaza
1685 Church Street, Ste# 210 Decatur, GA 30033
Phone: 404-500-5791
Jay Momin: 770-546-7860
Store: 404-500-5791

Sona Led Lighting

residential and commercial lighting

Highest quality products

longest warranty

the best customer service

Patel Plaza

Power Rebates Eligible

Led Modules

Cooler Light

Led Ceiling Light

Up & Down Wall Washer

Led Panel Light

Led Street Lights