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DISH Network Corporation is a U.S. television provider based in Englewood,[6] Colorado. It is the owner of the direct-broadcast satellite provider DISH, also still commonly known as DISH Network, and the over-the-top IPTV service Sling TV. The company has approximately 16,000 employees. Like many other providers, DISH is being affected by the cord-cutting trend where people are shifting towards internet based streaming television.

Ending 2018, DISH lost 381,000 subscribers in its Q4 2018.[10] DISH had 9.9 million satellite subscribers, down from 11 million year the previous year,[7] and 14 million subscribers in 2014.[11] Its primary competitors are AT&T’s satellite service known as DirecTV and cable television providers. The company revenues for FY 2018 were $13.6 billion.

In January 2008, EchoStar Communications Corporation, which was founded by Charlie Ergen as a satellite television equipment distributor in 1980,[5] changed its name to DISH Network Corporation[12] and spun off its technology arm as a new company, named EchoStar Corporation.

The company began using DISH Network as its consumer brand in 1996[13] after the successful launch of its first satellite, EchoStar I, in December 1995.[14][15] That launch marked the beginning of its subscription television services.

Joseph Clayton became president and chief executive officer of the company in June 2011,[16] while Charlie Ergen remained chairman. Clayton remained in the position until March 31, 2015 when he retired leaving Ergen to resume the post.[17] Ergen has said diversifying and updating technology for the company will be a high priority, with an expectation that, over the coming decade, the company will provide internet, video, and telephone service for both home and mobile applications.

In December 2017, DISH Network announced that Ergen will step down and be replaced by Erik Carlson.[19]

As of November 2016, the company provided services to 13.7 million television and 580,000 broadband subscribers.

DISH Network officially began operations on March 4, 1996, as a service of EchoStar. EchoStar was formed in 1980 by its chairman and chief executive officer, Charlie Ergen along with colleagues Candy Ergen and Jim DeFranco,[5] as a distributor of C-band satellite television systems. In 1987, EchoStar applied for a direct-broadcast satellite broadcast license with the FCC and was granted access to orbital slot 119° west longitude in 1992.

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