Food Distributor

A food service distributor is a company that provides food and non-food products to restaurants, cafeterias, industrial caterers, hospitals and nursing homes.

A food service distributor functions as an intermediary between food manufacturers and the food service operator (usually a chef, food service director, food and beverage manager, and independent food preparation businesses operator owners.)

The distributor purchases, stores, sells, and delivers those products, providing food service operators with access to items from a wide variety of manufacturers. Food service distributors procure pallets and bulk inventory quantities that are broken down to case and sometimes unit quantities for the food service operator.

Most food service operators purchase from a range of local, specialty, and broadline food service distributors on a daily or weekly basis.

Often a food manufacturer may hire a food brokerage company to represent the manufacturer in a local market.

The broker helps the food manufacturer market its products through the food service distribution system, which ranges from getting items stocked at the distributor to working with operators to purchase items from the distributor.

At the same time, distributor sales teams work to market products directly to operator customers.

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