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Reception is a noun form of receiving, or to receive something, such as art, experience, information, people, products, or vehicles.

Reception, a formal party, usually in the evening, where the guests are “received” (welcomed) by the hosts and guests of honor

Rite of Reception, the rite through which a baptized person is received into the Catholic Church, including a profession, and the Sacrament of Confirmation and Holy Communion

Wedding reception, where the guests are “received” (welcomed) by the hosts and guests of honor

Reception (gridiron football), a type of play where the ball is received (caught) by a player on the thrower’s team
Reception (school), in England, Wales and South Australia, the first year of primary school, following pre-school or nursery school

Reception, refers to a desk or reception area, where a receptionist serves as the initial contact person to guests and visitors

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