Ranveer Singh and Kriti Sanon praise PM Modi

Ranveer Singh, Kriti Sanon praise PM Modi at Kashi event

Actor Ranveer Singh and actress Kriti Sanon recently took center stage as showstoppers for renowned designer Manish Malhotra’s fashion extravaganza held in Varanasi, the country’s oldest pilgrimage site. Both celebrities lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his dedicated efforts towards revitalizing public infrastructure and fostering the development of Varanasi.

Ranveer Singh expressed his gratitude towards Prime Minister Modi for his initiatives aimed at supporting and uplifting the weaver community in Varanasi. He emphasized the transformative impact witnessed in Kashi over the past decade under Modi’s leadership.

During the thematic showcase of ‘Banarasi Saree- A tapestry of Indian culture and Craftsmen,’ Ranveer Singh praised the event’s setting along the banks of the River Ganga, highlighting its significance over traditional venues
in Mumbai. He applauded the exquisite craftsmanship displayed by Varanasi’s weaver community.

Encouraging the youth to embrace India’s rich cultural heritage while embracing modernity, Ranveer emphasized
the importance of civic responsibility and urged everyone to exercise their voting rights.

Kriti Sanon echoed Ranveer’s sentiments, emphasizing the enduring charm of Varanasi and the unique allure of the Banarasi saree. She celebrated the intricate handwoven artistry of the sarees, symbolizing India’s rich heritage. Kriti underscored the importance of showcasing this heritage to the world and commended Varanasi as a model of balanced progress and heritage preservation.

Manish Malhotra’s fashion spectacle formed part of a larger two-day event organized by the Indian Minorities
Foundation to promote the handicrafts and handlooms of Varanasi. Held at the picturesque Namo Ghat, the event
aimed to spotlight the cultural richness of Varanasi while fostering economic empowerment for its artisans.

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