Sushmita Sen, thankful as ‘Taali’ gets applause for Gauri Sawant’s story.

Sushmita Sen

Actress Sushmita Sen expressed deep gratitude for the overwhelming response garnered by her recent web series ‘Taali,’ a biopic centered around transgender activist Gauri Sawant. Portraying the lead role in the biopic, Sushmita Sen conveyed her thanks through an Instagram post. She acknowledged the love, respect, and appreciation poured in by the audience, fans, and her team for the series. The ‘Taali’ trailer illuminated Gauri Sawant’s journey, detailing her challenges and triumphs. It showcased her transformation from Ganesh to Gauri, the struggles she faced due to it, her courageous path towards motherhood, and the bold fight that led to the official recognition of the third gender on all Indian documents. Beyond its inspirational narrative, the series struck a chord with its thought-provoking dialogues. Conceived by Arjun Singgh Baran and Kartk D Nishandar, the series was directed by the National Award-winning filmmaker Ravi Jadhav, with Kshitij Patwardhan as the writer. The production was helmed by Arjun Singgh Baran, Kartk D Nishandar (GSEAMS Production), and Afeefa Nadiadwala. Originating as Ganesh and growing up in Pune, Shreegauri Sawant emerged as a transgender activist in Mumbai. She played a pivotal role in the 2013 National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) case, leading to the Supreme Court’s recognition of the transgender community as the third gender in 2014. The series is available for streaming on the Jio Cinema OTT platform. Sushmita Sen Taali web series Gauri Sawant transgender activist biopic challenges transformation recognition

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