Diwali - Festival of Light

Two Poems on Diwali from young Hindu Children

Poems on Diwali
Diwali, the festival of light

By Aditi Rao

Diwali, the festival of light,
A time of joy and delight.
With candles and diyas aglow,
We banish the darkness and make our hearts glow.From the bustling streets to the quiet homes,
Diwali’s magic everywhere roams.
The air is filled with the sweet smell of sweets,
And the sound of laughter echoes through the streets.We gather with loved ones near and far,
To celebrate this auspicious affair.
We exchange gifts, share stories, and feast,
On delicious food that’s simply the best.Diwali is a time to reflect and renew,
To let go of the old and embrace the new.
To light the lamp of hope within our hearts,
And start anew, fresh from the start.

So let us celebrate Diwali with cheer,
And spread the light of love far and near.
May this festival bring us all happiness and peace,
And may our lives forever be blessed.

Happy Diwali!

About the Poet

Born in the bustling city of Miami in 2013, Aditi Rao is a radiant 10-year-old with a passion that belies her young age. While most kids her age are engrossed in games and cartoons, Ananya is often found nestled in a corner, pen and notebook in hand, crafting poems that reflect her observations, dreams, and emotions.

Diwali, a sight to be seen

By Daksh Parikh

In the heart of India’s lore, under moon’s soft silver sheen,
Comes a festival of lights, Diwali, a sight to be seen.
A tapestry of twinkling stars, spread across the earthly plane,
A symphony of lamps and candles, singing in joyous refrain.

Fires of hope and new beginnings, chasing away the dark,
A victory of good over evil, igniting a collective spark.
Homes adorned in colorful rangolis, patterns intricate and bright,
Doorways lined with marigolds, basking in golden light.

The sound of laughter fills the air, as families unite,
Sharing stories, sweets, and love, a heartwarming sight.
Fireworks explode in the sky, painting it with hues,
Of crimson, azure, emerald, and myriad other clues.

Ganesha and Lakshmi are worshiped, blessings to bestow,
For prosperity, wisdom, and wealth, in life’s ebb and flow.
Golden diyas float on rivers, carrying whispered prayers,
To the heavens above, in hope someone there hears.

The taste of sweet ladoos, and savory samosas near,
Delighting the palate, spreading festive cheer.
Gifts exchanged, hands clasped tight,
Grateful hearts, shining bright.

Diwali, a beacon in the endless night,
Reminding us all of love’s infinite might.
So, light a lamp, let its glow softly spill,
And let Diwali’s magic, your spirit fulfill.

About the Poet

Daksh Parikh, a 12-year-old prodigious talent hailing from Orlando, Florida, is not your ordinary tween. While many kids his age are engrossed in video games or outdoor sports, Aryan finds solace and expression through the art of poetry. He began penning verses at the tender age of 8 and, since then, has cultivated a passion that goes beyond his years.


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