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  • Shilpa-Raj wedding

    Bollywood Today

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  • Bridal Jewelry Don’t get Married without it

    Bridal Jewelry Don’t get Married without it

    As a South Asian bride, it is your birthright to adorn yourself with the most extravagant jewels on your wedding day. Anything less would just be a waste of time, not to mention, take away some of the most fun and girly moments of your …

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  • Soniya’s Wedding Story

    Soniya’s Wedding Story

    THE BEGINNING: We both moved to NYC for a dental residency program. There was an instant bond that grew stronger over the year that we worked together. THE PROPOSAL After 3 years in New York City we both moved to different cities. He came to …

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  • Shivon’s Wedding Story

    Shivon’s Wedding Story

    Proposal Amit planned a surprise trip to Lake Tahoe, NV. He chose Lake Tahoe because I had never seen snow. He never told me where we were going – just that it would be cold and to pack accordingly. Meanwhile, he was secretly planning a …

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  • Magical Moments wedding of Pareeta & Maran

    Magical Moments wedding of Pareeta & Maran

    Most memorable moment during wedding When I was walking down the aisle and saw my mom, sister, brother, and brother-in-law at the mandap and the smiles on their faces. And of course my adorable nephew, Rishav, who had no clue what was going on! Q- …

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  • Vidya Maharaj’s Wedding Story

    Vidya Maharaj’s Wedding Story

    I know women often say that they’ve been planning their wedding since childhood. I can honestly say that I am a testament to that. I used to watch Bollywood movies and dream of having my very own Bollywood wedding. I even travelled to India to …

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  • Christina Patel’s Wedding Story

    Christina Patel’s Wedding Story

    Next, was respect and appreciation, as I saw my parents and brother smiling from cheek to cheek. My final emotion was that of awe, as I saw a gorgeous golden Mandap with aromatic flowers and vibrant colors that I felt were literally taken out of …

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  • Wedding Stories

    Wedding Stories

    Love, hope, excitement and a new beginning are words that come to mind when you think of newlyweds. In our previous Wedding Resources Guide, the wedding story of Annvi, a recent bride, was featured. Due to overwhelming response, we are including several personal stories in …

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