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  • Incredible Wedding Moments

    Incredible Wedding Moments

    Incredible Wedding Moments Warm glances, shared laughter, loving stares. Bold colors, elegant mandaps, unique table settings. Weddings are special events that are celebrated for an entire lifetime through photographs. Whether a stolen glance or a planned pose, couples and their families can relive the celebrations …

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  • Ashanka and James

    Ashanka and James

    Photographer: Moonbelle Photography Ashanka and James became college sweethearts after meeting in their college band at the University of Alabama. Despite playing different instruments, they discovered they had much in common, and after five years of dating and earning four degrees and three national championships, …

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  • Kamela and Richard

    Kamela and Richard

    Photographer: I Alam Photography Though Kamela and Richard both met during a training class where they worked (CNA/Hartford), the two did not start dating until December 2012. One evening, as the couple headed for dinner out, Rick stopped by the waterfront and got down on …

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  • Community News

    Community News

    Florida Orlando Youth Sewing Camp When: 06/5/2017, Where: Hindu University of America5200 Vineland Rd, Suite #120, Orlando, 32811 Contact: Gauri 407-421-7155 Host: Orlando Sewcial Ayurvedic & Yogic Techniques When: 06/9/2017, 7:00 PM Where: Hindu Society of Central Florida Community Hall 1994 Lake Drive, Casselberry, 32707 …

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  • Jesleen and James

    Jesleen and James

    Photographer: Sona Photography James (Jim) and Jesleen meet in 2015 via e-Harmony online dating while both lived in New York City. When they finally agreed to meet, they almost didn’t have their first date as Jim got food poisoning in the morning and ended up …

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  • 4 Essential Dating Tips for Introverted Men

    5 Signs Your New Relationship Has Long-Term Potential

    Send your relationship questions to by Jasbina Ahluwalia, Intersections Match 5 Signs Your New Relationship Has Long-Term Potential Have you finally met “The One?” Review this checklist for signs that your budding romance could be the real thing. Reliable and Dependable Has your new …

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  • Hair and Makeup: How to Prepare for Your Big Day

    Hair and Makeup: How to Prepare for Your Big Day

    HAIR AND MAKEUP: HOW TO PREPARE FOR YOUR BIG DAY By Priscilla Charite Your big day is approaching, and you’re starting to get into the details. What exactly should you expect from your hair and makeup stylists? And just how much time do you need …

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  • Neha Weds Sanjay

    Neha and Sanjay

    Photographer: HazeDelight Photography Neha and Sanjay’s engagement was “picture perfect.” After dating a few years, Sanjay planned a surprise proposal in New York City—one of Neha’s favorite places. Sanjay told Neha to dress up and be ready early because they had brunch plans with friends. …

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  • 2405 Cover Final


    Dear Readers, Every year, our May issue is about Immigration, which is especially timely given that immigration has been a very controversial topic. During the last two years, many politicians including President Trump, have made statements about immigrants, especially illegal immigrants, building wall against US- …

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  • For Here or To Go Explores Hardships of an Expiring Visa

    For Here or To Go Explores Hardships of an Expiring Visa

    For Here or To Go Explores Hardships of an Expiring Visa For here or To Go is a story based on the experience of a software engineer from India whose visa is about to expire. The film explores his visa struggles in the United States …

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