7th Annual Divya Shakti Retreat

7th Annual Divya Shakti Retreat

Pujya Gurudev, Swami Chinmayananda, was a staunch advocate of women’s study groups and support systems. He formally blessed the establishment of the first Chinmaya Devi Group in November 1958 in Chennai. He believed in women’s central roles in families and said, “When a mother is a true seeker, the whole environment of the house changes. Your family does not have to go out to hear a Swami. You are the mother, the model, the Guru. Women mold the future of the country. The caliber of the children will be determined by the upbringing given by their mothers. Indeed, women have been, and even today are, the real custodians of our country’s spiritual culture.” Gurudev’s words echo a famous phrase from the 1865 poem by William Ross Wallace: “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.” These messages are relevant more than ever today, 60 years later, during this modern era immersed in pursuing material wealth and sensual pleasures.7th Annual Divya Shakti Retreat

The concept of a mother as an incarnation of Goddess or Devi is inherent in Indian culture, and Gurudev’s words are in praise of motherhood as the foremost Shakti for bringing about any constructive change in the world. Simultaneously fulfilling multiple roles and responsibilities while giving unconditionally, many Devis today face unprecedented stress levels and overwhelming challenges. Lost and muddled in this undertaking, they tend to lose touch with their divinity, and fail to appreciate their own worth – the power to transform themselves and the world around them through their virtues of nurturing, compassion, and unconditional love.

The Divya Shakti Retreat in October 2019, will be an opportunity to reconnect with the Divinity in you. Learn how to manage your responsibilities effectively while pursuing spiritual growth so that you can “Inspire, Love, Be”!

Where:Chinmaya Mission Orlando
1221 Chinmaya Way, Casselberry
Contact: Swati Trivedi 813-486-7779
Host: Chinmaya Mission Orlando
Thursday; Oct 17 through Sunday; Oct 20: This retreat is a weekend get-a-away for women 21 years and older to gain an enriching holistic experience through spiritual discourses and group discussion; based on Hindu philosophy. The retreat provides an opportunity for women to renew and rejuvenate their energies and find a natural balance in managing the many roles of their daily lives.

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Pujya Gurudev

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Chinmaya Devi Group in November 1958 in Chennai

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The Divya Shakti Retreat in October 2019

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