A Divali Thought

A Divali Thought

By Maltie Maharaj

Her hair caresses the face of the moon.
On the evening air we feel the coolness of her breath,
Gently, on our face,
as the streetlight is turned on.

We scent her perfume in the flower
by the street side gutter.
You see, she does not look
upon the foul or fair with difference,
But blesses all with her abundance.

And feel her touch in the grace of a friend
in a wheel chair, stricken with AIDS or the infirmity
of age.

We sense her love in the beauty of a smile,
upon the sick and suffering,
and her wisdom in the words of a child.

She speaks through the heart.
Her strength in our faith is unflinching.
Her belief in the goodness of humanity everlasting.

Forgiving and eternal Goddess
Who can be compared to the glory of you?

Doting mother, you, who tolerate or tantrums with a
our neglect with patience,

Taking tomfoolery with love and generosity
and accepting a quick puja pat on the cheek with

You have made our Trinidad
Storm fee
War free
Drought free
Providing stability; giving wealth generously; sending
your servants of love
among us all
To fill us with
Modern technology
Justice …

Pollution of Rivers
Kidnappings \
Continual partyingDomestic violence
Childish chat in the highest offices in the land …
And worst yet, inhumanity to ourselves.
Oh Beautiful lady
You who all the Vedas, Shastras and Puranas worship.
The sight of whom causes the sun and moon
to bow in adoration.
Oh lovely and majestic giver of knowledge
StrengthYou who have rescued the Gods from Demons and
Have mercy on your children,
Us Trinis
We youthful and sometimes misguided delinquents.
Show us by your wisdom that,
Is still relevant in this world.

Om Shanti, Divine Lady.
Forget us not in our adversity.

Maltie Maharaj is a teacher at Siparia Senior Comprehensive School, and has a B.A. degree in English and an M.A. in Literatures in English.


A Divali Thought

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