Vastu Vedic community

Mount Soma: A Vedic Community for Ancient Spiritual Wisdom in Modern Life

Mount Soma: A Vedic Community for Ancient Spiritual Wisdom in Modern Life Mount Soma is a Vastu Vedic community in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Developed by visionary Dr. Michael Mamas in 2011, the 448-acre Vedic community was established with the vision to help humanity evolve by integrating ancient spiritual wisdom with modern life. The mission of Mount Soma is …

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Dr David Frawley

David Frawley More Hindu than Hindus By Raj Shah

This issue of Desh-Videsh is a special edition covering Indians living in America. I would like to take this opportunity to discuss an individual who was not born in India, nor was born as a Hindu, but he is more Indian than many Indians I know and even more Hindu than many Hindus I know. The person is none other …

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Networking for Hindu Professionals

Networking for Hindu Professionals: South Florida

Networking for Hindu Professionals: South Florida Networking for Hindu Professionals South Florida (Net HP SFL) was founded this year by a group of passionate young Hindu Professionals, a few advisors and like-minded supporters, all of whom felt South Florida lacked the active presence of youth (ages 25-35) when it came to volunteerism, seva and support of Hindu based causes. The …

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Glossary of Hinduism terms

Aarti Pronounced “AARa-tee.” In Hinduism, the most common ritual that is performed in front of the image of a deity, whether in a temple or in a home shrine. It typically consists of waving, in a clockwise motion, various items in front of the deity. It is done in conjunction with mantras or prayers. Ahimsa Pronounced “ah-HIM-saa.” The Sanskrit word …

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Hindu facts

Let Us Be Hindus

Let Us Be Hindus By Swami Chinmayanandaji It has become a new fashion with the educated Hindu to turn up his nose and sneer in contempt at the very mention of his religion in any discussion. Personally, I too belong in my sympathies to these critics of our religion. But when this thoughtless team begins to declare that we would …

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The Holiday Weigh-In

Holidays tend to bring about very rich memories for us, usually centering around the excitement of traveling and family members visiting. Every year it’s a new blur of vivid colors, bright lights, and delicious aromas. Oh the aromas!! It’s almost like every holiday has its own special scents. But the foods and drinks we indulge in don’t have to be …

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Thinking About Finances at Diwali

Thinking About Finances at Diwali

Thinking About Finances at Diwali By Nirali Chokshi, CPA Happy Diwali! Diwali is one of the most auspicious celebrations for Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, and Newar Buddhists, and has many different meanings to people in addition to celebrating the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. From an accounting standpoint, many also take time to reflect, give thanks to …

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The Victory of Good Over Evil

Diwali: The Victory of Good Over Evil

Come the months of October – November, there is an air of festivity all around. It is the auspicious festival of Diwali that makes even the grimmest face smile in anticipation. It is indeed the time for all to usher into the light, to overcome all that is evil, and to celebrate the supreme festival of the Hindus all over …

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The Spiritual Significance of Diwali thus

The Spiritual Significance of Diwali

For an oil lamp to burn, the wick has to be partially immersed in the oil. If the wick is completely drowned in oil, it cannot bring light. Life is like the wick of the lamp, you have to be in the world and yet remain untouched by it. If you are drowned in the materialism of the world, you …

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Diwali- Lesser Known Facts

Lesser Known Facts about Diwali

Lesser Known Facts about Diwali Compiled and Edited by Desh-Videsh Staff Diwali or Deepavali is celebrated in many countries, and many mark it with an official holiday. In India, Kenya, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Mauritius, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Suriname, Malaysia, Singapore, and Fiji, the holiday is celebrated by many communities, not only the Hindus. More than 800 million people …

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