A Story of Luxury,Personality, and Fine Jewelry Designs of the Past

A Story of Luxury,Personality, and Fine Jewelry Designs of the Past

Fine Jewelry

When acclaimed author Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken,” he advocated the distinct nature of our personalities. Our traits, behaviors, and preferences are exclusive to each of us – a personal Brand you could say.
The cornerstone of luxury rests within our desire for individuality: an idea that pervades and fuels South Asia’s multi-million dollar wedding industry. People enjoy expressing themselves to the world through their choice of colors, styles, materials, and designs. Humans seek the exclusivity that luxurious handbags, scarves, and sarees provide.

Handcrafted jewelryHandcrafted jewelry embraces this desire with one-of-a-kind designs reminiscent of the Indian Royals. Traditional pieces highlight the intricate craftsmanship, vibrant colors, and delicate detailing characteristic in every design. From the exquisite natural gemstones, hand picked by royal jewelers, to the amount of time and dedication that each piece demands – the nuances of these traditional ornaments are what make them truly luxurious. Indian artisans compose these works of art: gorgeous designs worn by Indians of the past to showcase sophistication and refined taste.

Handcrafted jewelry

Today, many Indian brides are on the lookout for such elite designs – handmade pieces that no one can replicate, which connect them to their roots. These young women make up an ever growing demographic of soon-to-be-weds with expendable income to personality – her traditions, her values, her opinions. An expression of her world brought to light through a piece of art. Whoever thought that our Indian ancestors knew the true meaning of luxury and understood its subtleties so well?jewelry pieces, providing the ultimate exclusivity for a bride.


These Indian American brides want the designs that their grandmothers cherished: the beautiful bangles, dangling earrings, and resplendent neck pieces. In these pieces they see an expression of her Katyayani Jhaveri is the Assistant Brand Manager at Devam. For more information, call (800) 338 2215, visit www.devamsarees.com, or info@devamjewelry.com

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