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Asha Bhosle Records New Song After a 23 Year Hiatus

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Asha Bhosle Records New Song After a 23 Year HiatusThe versatile Asha Bhosle has sung in various Indian languages throughout the course of her long musical career. Now back in the recording studio after a break of 23 years, she has released a new Bengali song “Ebar Pujoy Elaam Phire” on the occasion of Durga Pooja celebrations. The song is included in the album Pujoy Asha.

Asha Bhosle has previously sung many Durga Pooja songs and several of them, such as “Jabo Ki Jabona,” “Moyna Bolo Tumi Krishno Raadhe,” “Aamar Khatar Patay,” and “Eyi Edike Esho,” are still very much popular in the pooja songs genre. It is customary in West Bengal to release pooja songs in advance of the Durga Pooja festival.

Joining 85-year-old Asha Bhosle in the Pujoy Asha album with his song “Surey Tumi,” also after a long hiatus, 14 years in his case, is Amit Kumar, son of the unforgettable Kishore Kumar, and a very talented singer himself.

Music lovers should check out this album. You don’t need to be a Bengali speaker. Good music is good music, and all it requires is a fine sensibility on your part.

Posted on: 11-2-2018 by: Deshvidesh

Asha Bhosle

Bengali song Ebar Pujoy Elaam Phire

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Jabo Ki Jabona

Moyna Bolo Tumi Krishno Raadhe

Aamar Khatar Patay

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Bollywood News

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