Aarohi Talati

Aarohi Talati

Aarohi TalatiAbout the Poet:
Aarohi Talati, 16, is a junior at American Heritage.Her academic interests include computer science and medicine. Although she is very studious, she always makes time for her hobbies. One of her greatest passions is writing— she writes often in her free time, ranging from short poetry to short stories to chapters out of a novel. Singing and dancing are also both things she enjoys, and she is almost done with both the Bharatnatyam curriculum and Hindustani classical music curriculum.

Poetry Corner

In honor of April being National Poetry Month, we are excited to share a few poems written by Megha Sood and Aarohi Talati Poems by Aarohi Talati Dance of Letters and Music of Words The elegant script of calligraphy on yellowed paper, marred only by the spots of tears that had once been. The curves in every letter, distorted through …


Seventeen By Aarohi Talati seventeen – used to paint my thoughts yellow with happiness and innocence waves crashing against the sand, teenagers laughing as water sweeps their friends off their feet idealized love and stolen kisses naivety and idealism and ambition and potential the urge to be someone to do something… seventeen – doesn’t paint my thoughts anymore isn’t deserving …


Rising By Aarohi Talati Bursting in flames, you rose from the ashes. You came up to breathe again, to continue to live. Death made you start from scratch, exactly like a Phoenix. They die in a ball of fire, only to come back in three days from the ashes of its predecessor. And you, you compare to this creature. This …

Singing and dancing

Hindustani classical music curriculum

Bharatnatyam curriculum