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By Aarohi Talati
Bursting in flames,
you rose from the ashes.
You came up
to breathe again,
to continue to live.
Death made you
start from scratch,
exactly like a Phoenix.
They die in a ball of fire,
only to come back in three days
from the ashes of its predecessor.
And you,
you compare to this creature.
This creature that is the epitome
of all things indestructible.
You came back – it took only three years.
You’re stronger than ever,
and you will always rise from the ashes.
You will always rise.
About the Poet
Aarohi TalatiAarohi Talati, 16, is a junior at American Heritage.
Her academic interests include computer science
and medicine. Although she is very studious, she
always makes time for her hobbies. One of her
greatest passions is writing— she writes often in
her free time, ranging from short poetry to short
stories to chapters out of a novel. Singing and
dancing are also both things she enjoys, and she is
almost done with both the Bharatnatyam curriculum
and Hindustani classical music curriculum.
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