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Amara Leggett

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Amara Leggett is an entrepreneur, social media influencer, and inspirational speaker. She graduated high school and college at the ripe young age of 16 years old. She offers a propelling 10 step guide for your child to graduate high school and college early. Her website is


Nimrit Doad, Founder of Skin Care Plush

16-Year-Old Indian American, Nimrit Doad, Founder of Skin Care Plush By Amara Leggett Nimrit Doad is 16 years old, Indian American, and the CEO of Skin Care Plush. After two years of experimenting with different products that irritated her face and made her acne worse, she was ready to try natural remedies. Beginning at the age of 13, she tried, …

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Skin Care Plush

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