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Nimrit Doad, Founder of Skin Care Plush

16-Year-Old Indian American, Nimrit Doad, Founder of Skin Care Plush
16-Year-Old Indian American,
Nimrit Doad, Founder of Skin Care Plush
By Amara Leggett

Nimrit Doad is 16 years old, Indian American, and the CEO of Skin Care Plush. After two years of experimenting with different products that irritated her face and made her acne worse, she was ready to try natural remedies. Beginning at the age of 13, she tried, tested, and succeeded with essential oils that alleviate redness and dryness. With amazing feedback from friends, a business was born. Nimrit offers all-natural Jasmine, Lavender, and Tea Tree acne oils. She has also extended her products to sell Jasmine, Lavender, and Orange scent bath bombs. Her skincare line is homemade and created for sensitive skin.

Nimrit’s oils are an easy night time routine to be applied on problem areas after cleansing your face before bed. Her mother inspired her to use essential oils for acne, and her father helped with the business. She began building a business plan in March 2017 and eventually began the company in March 2018.

Skin Care Plush - Orange Sunrise, Lovely Lavender, Jazzy JasmineAlthough Nimrit is the CEO of a natural skincare business, she is also a high school student. She wakes up at 6 o’clock almost everyday and spends early afternoons with her dad to work on Skin Care Plush. Her Dad, Tejinder Doad is an IT professional and also has a business as a DJ.

When asked what she would advise other students to think about when starting a business venture, she maintained that you have go for it and have a good support system. Despite the hard work needed to succeed, the sense of accomplishment is a good topic of discussion for a resume. “Take one step at a time” is her favorite quote because it shows that “you will get there in the end no matter what.”

Nimrit’s parents and grandmother are the biggest factors to influence who she is today. In addition to her most enjoyed quote, she also likes to hear from her grandparent “being angry does not get you anywhere.”

Skin Care Plush ProductsWhen asked what the next five years look like for Nimrit Doad, CEO of Skin Care Plush, she stated that she plans to attend Miami University and study dermatology. She hopes to have a dermatology practice along with her skincare line, eventually adding products for dark spots, discoloration, and acne spots.

When I first met Nimrit, I was impressed by the amount of knowledge she had about essential oils and how it could help acne. She spent several months learning, planning, and now selling natural remedies that can help many people with sensitive skin.

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