Amith Nirgunarthy

Amith Nirgunarthy

About the Author :

Raj ShahAmith Nirgunarthy’s demonstrated history of working in the internet industry coupled with strong entrepreneurship and analytical skills have helped him advise, start and exit bitcoin and crypto companies since 2013. He was first introduced to Bitcoin and its technology eco-system in India and continues to leverage his network, connecting South Asia to Russia, China and North America. He is currently the CEO and Co-founder of Blockstreet.™

Amith recently launched a new crypto fund and can be reached at 1-803-SATOSHI.

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Bitcoin- An Impressive Bullish Performance

Bitcoin has recorded an impressive bullish performance this year and the cryptocurrency doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Bitcoin has more than doubled its price in the year-to-date period; it is currently trading up around $35,000, a price that is exponentially higher than the trading price of gold. In the early days of Bitcoin, traditional financial institutions and many Wall …